Celtro redefines cellular backhauling efficiency using revolutionary compression engines for GSM, UMTS and LTE traffic.
Mobile backhaul compression solutions from Celtro help providers enhance user experience, increase revenues, lower operational costs and defer backhaul network investment.

OpEx saving - Satellite backhauling 
Celtro recognize that a condition for a continuous growth in satellite backhauling market, which will be increasingly data driven, will be the ability to reduce the transmission cost per Mbps.This, can be achieved through the use of data compression technics to improve "spectrum efficiency" that could reach in average over 3.2Mbps per MHz, up to doubling the current speed of 1.7Mbps/MHz today.
CAPEX reduction - terrestrial radio backhauling
With Celtro's IP compression algorithm mobile operators can accomplish a fast roll-out of 3G IP Node B and 4G cell sites over terrestrial microwave links without dealing with microwave replacement, antenna enlargement and additional OpEx investment for frequency fees.
leased bandwidth - reduce OpEx budget for mobile traffic 
Celtro compression solution provides an immediate resolution for backhaul congestion, without the need for additional leased capacity. With an outstanding compression performance results and flexible interface connectivity, Celtro can assure MNO's (Mobile Network operators) a smooth migration from TDM based infrastructure to an all IP transmission network.