Bandwidth optimization solutions from Celtro maximize backhaul network efficiency and flexibility in 2G, 3G, 4G converged, or satellite-based networks - improving service delivery, reducing network CapEx and OpEx, and raising subscriber satisfaction.

Optimal Convergence

Celtro's innovative mobile backhaul solutions provide optimization for 2G, 3G, and 4G traffic to maximize backhaul network efficiency and flexibility and reduce network expenses.

3G/4G Traffic Optimization

The latest Celtro technology can optimizes R99/HSPA/HSPA+/IHSPA and LTE backhaul traffic, enabling addition of up to 300% more bandwidth over existing pipes (or saving up to 75% of the current pipe bandwidth for other usage).

2G Traffic Optimization

Celtro optimizes 2G backhaul traffic over TDM/Ethernet enabling addition of up to 200% (3:1)  more bandwidth over existing pipes for Abis traffic and up to 100% (2:1) more for Ater traffic.

Optimizing Satellite-Based Mobile Backhaul Networks

Operators serving remote regions often base backhaul expansion on the adoption of VSAT (IP-based, point-to-multipoint) satellite networks. Due to steep transmission costs, these solutions require highly efficient conversion of GSM traffic into IP-based traffic, prioritization of different traffic types sharing the same media, and accurate synchronization of base stations. Celtro's optimization solutions reduce satellite link (space-segment) leasing costs – delivering optimum call/Kbps bandwidth ratios and enabling mobile operators to migrate to 3G services using VSAT.

How does it Work?

Operators can deploy Celtro's solutions in rural and remote locations and at VSAT hub sites. Celtro offers efficient and dynamic bandwidth consumption, excellent QoS handling, and efficient management of shared media - identifying and mapping traffic types into differentiated priority queues and correlating QoS marking. Celtro solutions ensure priority forwarding of signaling information - protecting the network from BTS resets, and enabling the operator to provide bandwidth-on-demand (BoD) applications.

Benefits of Satellite-Based Mobile Backhaul Network Optimization

  • Lowers bandwidth consumption in the costly satellite link
  • Maximizes point-to-multipoint satellite link efficiency, providing traffic optimization, traffic-type QoS differentiation, and precise synchronization
  • Lowers satellite capacity leasing costs