Products Overview

Celtro products help mobile operators overcome existing backhaul limitations, delivering intelligent optimization and traffic management solutions that enhance user QoE and deliver more network capacity from existing infrastructure.

Designed specifically for mobile backhaul network aggregation sites, the DMT4000 is a robust, redundant, high-capacity multi-service trafic optimizer that supports native backhauling for all radio technologies, transport technologies, and backhaul network architectures. [Learn more]
Ideal for HSPA and HSPA+ cell sites and cell aggregation sites with rich IP and Ethernet functionality, the Celtro DMT1100 series of trafic optimizers are compact, cost-effective, and flexible solutions. [Learn more]
The DMSView element management system is a powerful, carrier-grade management tool for configuration, maintenance and statistics collection - managinging thousands of Celtro switches in any RAN and mobile backhaul environment. [Learn more]