Powerful Aggregation optimizer for the Mobile Backhaul

The DMT4000 is a family of MBH (Mobile BackHaul) aggregation devices designed for P2MP (Point To Multi-Point) mobile backhaul optimization, adaptable to transmission infrastructure. Designed from the ground up to solve mobile backhaul capacity challenges, the DMT4000 offers advanced adaptive functionality and unique backhaul optimization technologies for maximum efficiency, as well as significant savings in network  CapEx and OpEx.



Product Snapshot

The DMT4000 is scalable, field-upgradeable aggregation platform with large selection of E1, STM-1, FE and GE interfaces and synchronization methods. The DMT4000 employs advanced redundancy mechanisms, allowing 1:n HW protection on traffic cards, 1:1 HW protection on central cards (CPU, Management, Traffic Matrix). 1:1 link protection is also available for each interface – delivering cost-effective, carrier-class mobile backhaul solution.

DMT4000 Benefits

  • Smooth migration to all-IP backhaul and LTE Protection of investment in the existing backhaul network, while enjoying better network efficiency of 2G, 3G, 4G and HSPA traffic
  • Enhances backhaul performance for lucrative broadband services over any infrastructure
  • Protects investment in existing backhaul network, while delivering better backhaul network efficiency for 2G, 3G, 4G and HSPA traffic
  • Freedom to mix and interwork different synchronization methods
  • Future-proof support for all radio and backhaul technologies

DMT4000 Features

  • Scalable 4U access traffic optimizer specially designed for the mobile backhaul
  • Multi Service Layer 2-3 traffic optimizer of TDM, ATM and Ethernet 
  • Smart backhaul virtual bonding technology
  • Superior performance of 2G Abis, R99, HSPA,  and LTE traffic optimization
  • Transport convergence of 2G, 3G & LTE services with dynamic sharing of network resources
  • Universal ports: E1 (TDM, ATM, IP) STM-1(TDM, ATM, IP), FE (100BaseT/100BaseFx), GbE(1000BaseT/1000BaseFx) carrying any Layer 2 traffic over any transport infrastructure
  • Carrier class with equipment and network protection