Compact Backhaul Traffic Optimizer for Mobile Networks

The DMT1000E is a series of MBH (Mobile Backhaul) streamlined cell-site designed for mobile backhaul optimization and adaptation to transmission infrastructure. Together with the DMT1000 series, the DMT1000E makes up the DMT1000 family of compact traffic optimizer in Celtro's DynaMate solutions portfolio. Designed from the ground up to solve mobile backhaul network challenges, the DMT1000E offers adaptation functionality and unique backhaul optimization technologies for maximum efficiency, as well as significant savings in network CapEx and OpEx.


DMT1000E offers operators a compact, flexible solution that can backhaul all radio technologies of 2G, 2.5G, 3G/HSPA, iHSPA, HSPA+ and 4G/(LTE), with their compatible transport technologies of TDM, ATM, Carrier Ethernet and IP. The DMT1000E is ideal for HSPA+ cell sites and small aggregation sites with rich IP and Ethernet functionality over fiber, copper, microwave and advanced satellite backhaul infrastructures.





Product Snapshot

Celtro's DMT1000 series is comprised of three products that support universal ports of E1s (up to 32), STM-1 (TDM, ATM, PoS) and 8-10 FE/GE ports. DMT1000E also offers a large variety of synchronization options,including Synchronous Ethernet and 1588v2. A future proof traffic optimizer, the DMT1000E is the optimal choice for aggregating and optimizing backhaul traffic, enabling operators to smoothly migrate to LTE and IP networks over new or legacy infrastructure.

DMT1000E Benefits

  • Enhanced performance for mobile broadband over any backhaul infrastructure
  • Protects investment in existing backhaul network, while raising backhaul network efficiency for 2G, 3G and HSPA+/LTE traffic
  • Future-proof support for all radio and backhaul technologies
  • Field proven solution with worldwide installed base

DMT1000E Features

  • Compact 1U access optimizer designed especially for mobile backhaul networks
  • Multi-service Layer 2-3 optimization of TDM, ATM, Ethernet and IP traffic
  • Unique cross-layer optimization for:
    • Bonding convergence and protection of any bearer type (Ethernet/TDM) over any infrastructure of fiber, copper/DSL or microwave, with symmetric or asymmetric lines
    • Optimization gain of all kinds of traffic (Abis/3G ATM/3G IP) is up to 5:1
  • Universal ports: E1, STM-1 (TDM, ATM), GE/FE for carrying any Layer 2 traffic over PDH, SDH or Ethernet infrastructure
  • Carrier-class with network protection