Comprehensive Mobile Backhaul Management

Together with Celtro DynaMate systems, the DMSView element management system is a powerful management tool for configuration, maintenance and statistics collection. DSMView provides extensive and detailed reports on subscribers, generated traffic, and network status.

With carrier-grade scalability and reliability, DMSView is a comprehensive client-server software package that runs over both UNIX and Windows, supporting thousands of Celtro switches in any Radio Access Network (RAN) and mobile backhaul environment (ATM, TDM or IP).

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Complete Network Visibility

DMSView's intuitive and user-friendly interface provides a birds-eye network view and easy drill-down from network segment to any managed DMT element, including:

Fault Management – complete alarm visibility at all times, with alarm severity notification.

Network Configuration Management – offline and runtime point-and-click provisioning of both station-specific attributes and services provided by any group of stations.

Performance Management – collects and presents key network and subscriber performance and utilization parameters in graphic or Excel formats for rapid analysis or integration into analysis tools.

Security Management – provides a hierarchy of access authorization levels, logged and visible by the system administrator.

Accelerating OAM&P

DMSView was designed specifically to streamline and accelerate mobile backhaul operations by minimizing O&M task complexity via point-and-click control panels and task automation. DMSView offers:

  • System and segment provisioning, with verification
  • Event filtering and color-coding
  • Real-time graphical zoom into subscriber and link traffic and performance
  • Export of reports to Excel format for traffic analysis and network planning

Seamless Interworking with OSS

Overcoming a significant barrier of entry, DMSView enables seamless northbound integration into Service Provider OSS by means of an SNMP proxy integrated into the SNMP Manager.

DMSView Snapshot

  • NMS and EMS with full FCAPS support
  • Supports networks of up to 10,000 DMT switches
  • SNMP link to managed DMT switches and uplink to umbrella management system
  • Extensive traffic and network reports
  • Designed for Windows or UNIX