Celtro Selects Metaswitch MPLS and IP Routing for Mobile Backhaul


Metaswitch MPLS and IP Routing enhances Celtro’s mobile backhaul solution set  

London UK, January 11 — Metaswitch Networks, the world's leading independent provider of network protocol software, today announced that Celtro, a leading supplier of mobile backhaul access switches, has selected Metaswitch’s MPLS and IP Routing network protocol software products for Celtro’s DynaMate product family.
The use of Metaswitch’s IP/MPLS network protocol software products enables Celtro’s solutions to support advanced IP/MPLS network capabilities, while offering smooth migration for mobile backhaul networks from ATM to IP/MPLS.
 “Our mobile operators customers are looking for maximum flexibility in their backhaul networks” said Shahar Gorodeisky, Celtro’s CTO.  “As they migrate from ATM to IP/MPLS, they want the ability to run all those technologies in parallel, with the same SLA, and the same features. It allows these operators to use Celtro’s unique technologies such as virtual bonding, HSPA services classification, and traffic optimization but over an MPLS transport network.  Metaswitch’s MPLS network protocol software helps us to achieve this goal.”
“Mobile backhaul is a major application for our network protocol software,” said Clive Partridge, General Manager of Metaswitch’s Network Protocols Division.  “So we are very happy to be working with Celtro to help them support standards-based, interoperable MPLS and IP Routing on their very successful mobile backhaul switches.” Metaswitch has developed portable network protocol source code based on its N-BASE portability technology for over 25 years. The company's industry leading MPLS and IP Routing solutions, which include unicast and multicast protocols, are architected to handle the scale and reliability requirements of the most demanding applications while providing the extensibility and full feature set to support IP VPNs, QoS, traffic engineering, and optical control plane function. The portability and robustness of the N BASE protocol products, plus superb engineering and exceptional support, provide telecommunications equipment manufacturers with an unrivaled technical solution that reduces engineering cost and greatly improves time to market.
About Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks is a leading provider of carrier systems and software solutions that are powering the migration of communications networks to open, packet-based architectures. Hundreds of network operators worldwide depend on its Carrier Systems Division for reliable, scalable session control, media gateway and application/feature server solutions to enable compelling revenue-generating services. Its Network Protocols Division develops high performance, portable software components that are integrated into the products of the world's leading communications equipment manufacturers. For more information, please visit www.metaswitch.com.
About Celtro Experts in the mobile backhaul, Celtro provides innovative switching solutions that empower mobile operators worldwide to improve service delivery, increase network efficiency, and facilitate flexible backhaul network evolution. Celtro’s patented technologies combine multi-service TDM, ATM, Ethernet and IP/MPLS backhaul traffic switching to enable risk-free, all-in-one-box migration from ATM networks, through HSDPA offload, to an all-IP backhaul network. Leveraging creative solutions that keep our customers one step ahead in the mobile broadband revolution, Celtro’s field-proven switching solutions are commercially deployed by top tier operators worldwide, currently serving over 350 million subscribers. For more information, please visit www.celtro.com