Celtro to Presents the "Forecaster" application

August 03, 2014. CELTRO Communications (2012) LTD, a pioneer and leading global supplier of creative compression solutions for mobile backhauling, announced today, the release of its "Forecaster" GUI based software application. The "Forecaster" includes Celtro's Mobile IP compression engines for 2G/3G and LTE networks. "Forecaster" is designed as none intrusive software tool for measuring compression performance anywhere in the network.  "it is now easier than ever to measure  Mobile IP traffic compression performance " said Ram Arye Celtro's CTO, "the need to perform costly long trials is futile as the compression can be measured from every PC containing the "forecaster" application" he continued.

The "Forecaster" is built to measure IP compression ratio either by a direct connection to the operator live network (using a mirrored port) or by analyzing Packet CAPture (PCAP) files pre captured by Wireshark free application. Results are presented per individual IP address/ VLAN ID and could be exported or viewed as a raw data (csv files) or form a graphical presentation. More data is monitored and can be displayed e.g. – In/Out accumulated traffic, average throughput and packet count per second. More information about the "Forecaster" can be downloaded from celtro websitewww.celtro.com      

Celtro's data compression, algorithm is Celtro's intellectual property. Celtro is offering a book-ended solution; once the traffic is compress it would requires extensively less transmission bandwidth then what it would needed before the compression. At the receiver side the decompression action will reproduce an identical traffic to the original source. Celtro's compression platform provides bit exact, lossless data compression.


About Celtro

Experts in the mobile backhaul, Celtro provides innovative compression solutions that empower mobile operators worldwide to improve service delivery, increase network efficiency, and facilitate flexible backhaul network evolution. Celtro’s patented technologies combine multi-service TDM, ATM, Ethernet/IP backhaul traffic compression to enable risk-free, all-in-one-box migration from ATM networks, through HSDPA offload, to an all-IP backhaul network. Leveraging creative solutions that keep our customers one step ahead in the mobile broadband revolution, Celtro’s field-proven compression solutions are commercially deployed by top tier operators worldwide.For more information on Celtro innovative solutions visit www.Celtro.com