Company Overview

Celtro Communication (2012) Ltd. is a privately owned company founded in 2001. The company provides innovative, reliable and cost effective optimization solutions for any and all cellular backhaul networks and its products are installed worldwide.

Migration to all IP backhaul network

Designed solely for mobile backhaul networks, Celtro's DynaMate product line improves reliability and availability, reduces transmission errors, maximizes capacity utilization, increases network efficiency, and prioritizes real-time traffic. 

Celtro's innovative IP mobile backhaul optimization provides fast, smooth and painless migration to full IP backhaul networks, while preserving the mobile backhaul operator's investment in existing microwave equipment. Celtro's unique solutions provide optimization of link capacity, bonding of different infrastructure technologies, improved link throughput, increased reliability and enables sophisticated protection.

Celtro's products are connected transparently to all Radio Access Network (RAN) components and vendors such as Huawei, ZTE, NSN, Ericsson, ALU and others

Infrastructure optimization solutions

Based on our unique Virtual Bonding™ technology, Celtro’s infrastructure optimization solutions maximize capacity utilization and improve service delivery. Virtual Bonding™ has a Self-Learning Error (SLE) proprietary algorithm which suppress transmission noise. It also enables the bonding of physically separate links in different networks into one virtual backhaul pipe to maximize existing infrastructure capacity, and provide line protection. [Learn more]

Bandwidth optimization solutions for 2G/3G/4G and satellite


The latest Celtro technology can optimize R99/HSPA/HSPA+/IHSPA and LTE backhaul traffic, enabling addition of up to 300% more bandwidth over existing pipes (or saving up to 75% of the current pipe bandwidth for other usage).

Celtro optimizes 2G backhaul traffic over TDM/Ethernet enabling addition of up to 200% (3:1)  more bandwidth over existing pipes for Abis traffic and up to 100% (2:1) more for Ater traffic. [Learn more]

End-to-end management solution

In Celtro we understand the importance of end-to-end management, and our DynaMate Management System (DMSView) is an industry-leading element management which enables configuring, monitoring and troubleshooting.  DMSView works seamlessly with other vendor network and service management products to provide end-to-end networking solution.

Mobile backhaul operator benefits

Using Celtro's solutions mobile backhaul operators can face the growing demand for mobile broadband which is driven by accelerating Smartphone penetration, proliferation of data cards, and a new breed of delay-sensitive services.  Celtro's solutions provide intelligent optimization and traffic management that deliver more network capacity using existing mobile backhaul infrastructure, thereby reducing OPEX and making otherwise required CAPEX consuming expansions and upgrades un-necessary.

Celtros' clients

Celtro has been selected by top-tier operators worldwide, and has performed commercial deployment of its DynaMate product family in the backhaul networks of more than 80 mobile operators in Europe, Africa, APAC and Latin America. Amongst Celtro’s customers are leading mobile operators such as: MTS: Russia, Reliance: India, MTN:South Africa, Globe: Philippines, Telcel: Mexico and many more.